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Using the
power of 
your event
for good

I can help you produce your events sustainably 

and help you use your platform to do good in the world.

What I do

Event sustainability management coaching

Since 2009 GreenShoot Pacific has helped many events organisers on their sustainability journey.

A specialist sustainability advisor providing strategic services, systems, solutions and training in the events sector.

I guide my clients to identify and address potential sustainability-related issues, to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive outcomes and legacies.

Industry Leader

A pioneer in event sustainability, bringing this topic to the table of the events and sports sectors since 2005.


Extensive experience globally, working with events on all continents. This truly global approach helps clients to know what best practice really means.

Award Winning

Work has been recognised most recently winning the sustainability category at the International Sports Awards (2023).

How I can help you


If you have a team of highly skilled events professionals and you want the whole sustainability approach to be truly embedded, we can be a sounding board and guide. We often work with Event Production Managers who are building in the approach to sustainability management, and help fill the knowledge gap. This is a terrific short-cut, preventing busy events professionals from having to do the heavy lifting. But being lead by your team, the final result is speaking your language and integrated into your systems.


You may have the staff resources and skills to do the doing, but not sure on the strategic approach.

We can run sessions with your team to develop a strategic approach to sustainability, and understanding what sustainability means to you and your stakeholders.

This could include working out what's your 'real' purpose when it comes to doing good in the world. Or it might be a more systematic approach, where we define the way you'll categorise and identify the various sustainability topics and themes. We can help you to  align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We'll work with you to implement your sustainability strategy, creating your framework, systems and action planning. We would run a gap analysis to start the planning process. We'll create project management plans, operational procedures, checklists for easy implementation, communications plans, and setting objectives/KPIs/targets and measurement systems. We'll build competency in your team, teaching them how to integrate sustainable practices into their planning and delivery. We can talk with sponsors, communications, venues, contractors, suppliers. We can even be there on event day to run programme elements (like vendor liaison, managing the waste contractor, taking measurements) or just to ensure all the sustainability-related plans are running smoothly.


Using your platform for good is the end game in event sustainability. The rest is housekeeping! We will work with you to bring to life what matters to you and your stakeholders, through your event. This, importantly means the event is reflecting community values, and enhancing your social license to operate. Now more than ever, every event must have an authentic purpose built in.


We help develop the event's performance measurement system, which allows you to confidently report your impact to stakeholders. This includes developing the framework or running the data collection and analysis. We provide sustainability reporting, including interpretation of results and ongoing improvement opportunities.

We are able to support your GRI Reporting approach also. 


Proving you've met best practice standards is essential in sustainability. We can help identify the relevant certifications or reporting protocols that your event should meet. This could include GHG reporting, event sustainability management systems (ISO 20121), GRI, or local eco-label certifications.


And of course, if you simply want to skill up your team, we have self-paced online training with our other project the Institute of Sustainable Events. Or we can tailor workshops and in-house training for your staff, or even your vendors, partners, sponsors and host cities. Start training.

why I do it

I’ve been there

For twenty years I've been a high-vis wearing, enthusiastic environmentalist, a business manager, marketer, event manager. I learnt my skills in the field as well as at the books. Early on I recognised not only can I make massive improvements in the environmental impacts of the events I was working on, but also how we could use them a messaging beacon. And so I just started. I badgered our event directors until they let me put in solar, water recovery systems, compost loos, recycling and onsite composting, reusables systems and all that you see at events today. Over two decades I've honed my expertise and now I share it with my clients.


I wrote the book!

After developing systems and solutions for festivals and events, Meegan put pen to paper. First I authored the 'model event' programme at Peats Ridge Festival, and then after several years working with Festival Republic in the UK on sustainability management with Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and Latitude Festivals, I decided it was time to write all my learnings and those of other pioneer colleagues and events into what is now the industry bible.

Now in its third edition (four in development), Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide offers discussion and thought-provoking insight into the areas of environmental and social responsibility in event management and production. It takes you on a journey towards sustainably produced events with tips, production logistics, projects to undertake and practical solutions to common challenges.

Purchase the book from the publisher’s website or try Amazon, your local bookstore, library or online retailer.

Professional Development training

Since 2009 GreenShoot Pacific has trained more than 1000 industry professionals in sustainable event management in a face to face setting. We still provide bespoke in-house training for larger events teams, however our training is now mostly focussed in an online format. 

The Institute for Sustainable Events has online, self paced training in Sustainable Event Management, including:

  • Sustainability Fundamentals
  • Strategy, Policy and Framework
  • Events with Purpose
  • Towards Zero Waste
  • Climate Responsible Events
  • ISO 20121 Implementation
  • ISO 20121 Auditing

Meegan Jones


Meegan is a recognised global leader in sustainability for the events and sports sectors, and is author of Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide. She has worked on some of the biggest events in the world, and she initiates or participates in global working groups and think tanks for sustainability and events.

I'm ready to help!

If you think you can do with a hand, please reach out.
I'd love to help you on your sustainability journey.

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