We have developed downloadable guides and checklists, including a free short guide to new international standard in events sustainability ISO 20121.

ISO 20121: The short guide to ISO 20121 offers a plain-language interpretation of the steps involved in implementing ISO 20121 and helps you to understand how this new international standard can be included in your event planning and delivery.

Event Legacy: The lasting impressions we leave with event attendees can support sustainable development, inspire action and leave a positive legacy. Download the free guide to see what GreenShoot Pacific’s Top Twelve Event Legacy aspects are.

Checklists: We’ve also developed checklists on events such as conferences, outdoor festivals and adventure races. More to come! The checklists offer you a comprehensive list to follow to establish what issues you need to manage.

Click through the images below to access the resources on our download site. You’ll need to register to that site to access the guides:

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