Screen Production Services

We’re not all talk and no action. Combining years of practical implementation experience in the live production industry, our team are able to conceive, manage and deliver practical on-lot/location solutions.

Inductions: We can undertake (or provide information for) crew and contractor inductions to inform them of the production’s sustainability intentions and their participation in initiatives.

Call Sheet Greening Notes: Tips, hints, reminders or day-specific notes can be provided for inclusion in daily or weekly call-sheets.

Green PA: Placement of a green PA on the shoot, provided and supported by GSP’s expertise. This on-lot/location assistance ensures systems are functioning, and works to further engage and support the crew’s participation.

Project Management: As various projects reveal themselves through the Sustainability Diagnostic and Supply Chain Liaison, we can take on project management or take a guiding role. (For example re-use and salvage programs).

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