Screen Consulting

GreenShoot Pacific provides sustainability consultancy and oversight to feature films, telemovies, television series, documentaries, TVCs, corporate video, promotional video and music clips. Offering a wide range of tailored services, our team has years of cross-sector experience and specialist knowledge. Our consulting services include:

Diagnostic: We identify likely sustainability issues and impacts of the production, along with practical and achievable strategies and solutions to reduce impacts and enhance legacies. This is most beneficial in development or early pre-production phase.

Action Planning and Guidance: We develop action plans and guidance to provide your team with the direction they need to improve sustainability performance.

Engagement: Producers, directors, cast, department heads, production management, crew and studio, we ensure the whole team is on board and keen to play their part in improving sustainability performance.

Green Coaching: If an up-skilling is required of department heads or other key crew making buying and building decisions, in order to meet performance expectations, GSP can carry out training sessions to engage the team.

Policy Development: We work with your production’s goals to formalise your commitment to sustainable development into an overarching sustainable production policy or vision.

Supply Chain: We liaise with the supply chain on behalf of the producers (and in co-ordination with appropriate production staff) to work through materials and sourcing issues to ensure sustainable options are provided or offered.

End-of-Phone Consultancy: If we’re not live on the lot/location during pre-production and shooting, we can continue to support of Heads of Departments and other key identified production staff via phone or email.

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