Screen Communication Services

GreenShoot Pacific provides sustainability communications support to help engage and inform your stakeholders – communications strategies for engaging cast, crew, contractors, studios, or external communications to spruik how well you’re doing. Our communications services include:

Green Comms: we ensure your sustainability efforts are effectively communicated to stakeholders. We assist in the development of communication strategies, provide PR support, sponsorship alignment, green campaigning, and green communications content to support the implementation and success of your sustainability initiatives and vision.

Launch: In addition to sustainability oversight, we can provide partial or full event production services for publicity launches and premieres. This encompasses conceptualisation, content creation, planning, delivery, measurement, and reporting.

Merchandise: It’s important that products and brands aligned with your production do not conflict with your sustainable development principles and sustainability policy or vision. We can work with relevant parties to undertake supply chain scrutiny and chain of custody in production.

Aligned with a highly regarded and successful sustainability communications agencies, our creative content and execution are world class.

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