We've produced the Good Green Production Bible with our partners Republic of Everyone. It's a fun and free resource on making productions greener. Download it from our resources page.

GreenShoot Pacific were engaged by Screen NSW to co-chair the state’s Green Screen Forum in 2011 and further, to develop Australia’s first online Green Screen Resource. This comprehensive tool marked a crucial step in the acknowledgement of sustainability by Australia’s screen industry.

GreenShoot Pacific’s debut in Australian screen involved the analysis of production and full sustainability reporting of Panic on Rock Island, which included full carbon and resource analysis.


The power of screen entertainment enables us to leave environmental and social legacies not only through the stories we tell but also through better managing work practices on locations and contracting with sustainable suppliers.

GreenShoot Pacific offers guidance from conception and project development, through pre-production, shooting, post, and premiere. We identify potential environmental and societal issues and actively guide screen productions to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive legacies and sustainability performance.

We offer sustainability analysis, development and implementation of best practice systems, greenhouse gas reduction strategies, sustainable sourcing guidance, training, placement of sustainability staff or ‘green runners’, provision of practical solutions and services, green communications, performance measurement and reporting.

Guided by the sustainability performance indicators set down by the Global Reporting Initiative and BS 8909, our systems are of the highest standard.

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GreenShoot Pacific partners with GreenShoot in the UK.