3rd Party ISO 20121 Certification

Accredited Certifying Bodies conduct third party conformity assessment audits and award ‘ISO 20121 Certification’.

These Certifying Bodies must be ‘accredited’ (authorised to certify). We are aligned with the world’s leading Certifying Bodies for independent audit of ISO standards.

The auditing process includes an accredited ISO Auditor and an Event Sustainability Specialist so you can be assured your audit team has the breadth of sector experience and auditing rigour required for a robust and comprehensive audit.

Our audit team meets the competencies set down in IEC/ISO 17021-4

Steps to Third Party Conformity to ISO 20121

Below are steps required in undergoing a Second Party Conformity Assessment to ISO 20121:

1. Buy a copy of the standard
2. Read the standard and the annex guidance
3. Define the scope of your management system
4. Establish your management system
5. Implement your system against a sample event activity
6. Collect evidence of implementation
7. Conduct an internal audit/self assessment
8. Request  a quote for 3rd Party audit
9. Submit for audit
10. Desktop audit conducted
11. Live audit conducted including interviews and event activity observation
12. Conformity assessment confirmed & communications material provided
13.  Promote your achievement!

Apply for an audit

Download our Short Guide to ISO 20121

Download TEMPLATE procedures and checklists required for ISO 20121

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