About GreenShoot Pacific

    We are specialist sustainability advisors providing strategic services, systems, solutions and training across production management industries including events, screen, sport, touring and facilities.

    We provide performance measurement, analysis and reporting enabling our clients to credibly communicate their performance and ongoing commitment to positive social and environmental outcomes.

    We take pride in guiding our clients through tailored services, identifying and addressing potential economic, environmental, and social issues to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive outcomes and legacies.

    Our focus includes the identification of sustainability issues and impacts, development of integrated sustainability management systems, action plans and guidance, team training and capacity building, communications and engagement, destination management and legacy campaigns.

    We assist corporations, mega-event organisers and host cities on creating collaborative platforms and performance-based programmes that integrate environmental, economic and social priorities and plans for enduring results.

    As a means of ensuring our reports and services are consistent with the high level of excellence expected of us, we are guided by the indicators of sustainability performance set down by the Global Reporting Initiative (Event Organiser Sector Supplement), follow a management system approach outlined in the International Standard ISO 20121 – Sustainable Event Management Systems, and remain abreast of developments in research and reporting in the sustainability sector.

    GreenShoot Pacific are founding members of the Sustainable Event Alliance.